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I am a copywriter (as in writing marketing copy, not creating little c’s with circles around them) who believes that trying new things is a critical part of being happy and successful in all areas of life.  I work with clients who share that philosophy and focus on exposing their customers to new things.

I write this blog for several reasons:

It helps me hold myself accountable to practice what I preach.  The better I understand the challenges and benefits of trying new things, the more I can help my copywriting clients relate to and connect with their customers.

It helps me connect with like-minded people and exchange ideas.

It gives me a way to help others who may not share my philosophy (yet), but who are unsuccessful, bored, depressed, or otherwise stuck in some area of their lives and are in need of some positive changes.

So what does trying new things really mean?

It’s stepping out of your comfort zone and taking chances.  It’s resisting the urge to say “no” to an opportunity and saying “yes” instead.  It’s recognizing when something isn’t working for you and trying a different approach.  It’s opening your door to other people instead of slamming it in their faces.  It’s being open to perspectives that differ from your own.  It’s the difference between living your life on autopilot and taking control of it.

How do I know it works?

The answers are in my blog.  I believe in trying new things, but I used to be less adventurous, and there are still times when something stops me from pursuing a new opportunity.  I’ll write about things I’ve struggled with and overcome in the past.  I’ll write about new challenges and my efforts to confront them.  And I’ll provide advice on how you can and why you should start trying new things in your own life.

If you or someone you know is in the business of getting people to try new things, I can help make it happen.  Check out my business site at bradwrites.com for more information.